We start mold inspections by discussing the concerns of the presence of mold with our customer.

Many homeowners are concerned that their home may harbor unseen mold. Mold spores, especially the black colored splotches, tend to scare people. It is important to know that mold needs moisture or high humidity to grow. So we make sure to check all areas that may have moisture buildup and let our customers know what to look for in the future.

Areas of the home which we inspect for the presence of mold:

  • Attics with roof leaks or insufficient ventilation
  • Cabinets with plumbing leaks or condensation
  • Basements with a leaking foundation
  • Utility rooms with leaking appliances and crawlspaces

We offer affordable mold remediation services if a mold problem exists in your home. Those services include the cleaning and odor removal on your personal items. Contact our trained mold experts today to schedule an inspection.