Hot Water Extraction

This is the primary cleaning method used for Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning. We start carpet and soft furniture cleaning procedures by evaluating our customers requested services. Our professionals suggest that you pre-vacuum all the areas of the carpet and furniture that the customer wants us to clean. The cleaning process starts with pre-spot treating and pre-spraying all soiled areas. Then we use an industry-leading pre-conditioner, which allows the solutions to break down the spots and traffic areas for best cleaning results. For heavy traffic areas we agitate the carpet with a carpet rake or brush. This process loosens the soil and brings any debris to surface.

Finally, we rinse out the carpet and/or fabric of furniture that we are cleaning. We rinse with hot water (190 degrees) which is mixed with a leading fiber rinse agent. This solution leaves the carpet and furniture smelling fresh and it also feels soft to the touch. Our professionals enhance drying on every job with the use of our powerful carpet drying fans during cleaning.

Spin Bonnet Cleaning

This is a dry cleaning method used primarily in special commercial carpet cleaning services.